Collection: Ukrainian Photographer Anastasiia Ses - Chernobyl natural beauty surprised me


"I have always wanted to see Chernobyl from a bird's eye view.

It is so interesting to watch how life is boiling in a particular city, when you just arrive in it and before you land you can see buildings, cars, city lights and how it boils, a life.

What I saw flying over Chernobyl impressed me, because I never thought about how wild and green it could become from the moment people disappeared from there.

According to the guide's stories, the abandoned settlements have sprouted with abundant shrubs, trees, forests, and in some halls of the city they began to observe a large recovery of the population of animals, such as horses, birds, deer, and foxes.

It was so unusual to notice the struggle of nature over buildings and the once active life of people, because usually every day in our cities, megalopolises - we notice the opposite...

And here you can see how nature again takes over man and self-restores, after his self-destruction in this place... The natural process of restoring nature makes one think about how eternal and beautiful it is, this is what it was, is and will be." (Anastasiia Ses)