Based in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, Forest Innovations is a design partnership formed by two friends, Dave Reed and Darragh Hewat.

Dave and Darragh first engaged socially over six years ago when they discovered they had both attended the same art college, albeit 10 years apart.

At that time Darragh was working in his small workshop producing hand-crafted items from a multitude of materials, whilst Dave was working as a freelance graphic designer with a lot of his contracts involving website design.

Sharing the same ethos, they struck up a friendship that eventually saw Dave produce some graphic designs for Darragh's products together with a small website.

Around this time Darragh was working on the 'Thermomotor' concept and approached Dave to collaborate with him on bringing a product to market.
Being fascinated by the magic of Darragh's inventions, Dave immediately agreed and Darragh's company 'Forest Innovations' became a two-man partnership.

Over the past six years they have developed the concept of the ‘Thermomotor’ to produce unique, handmade pieces that combine a beautiful, mesmerising experience with a touch of Nikola Tesla magic.

Together through some hard times Dave and Darragh have motivated each other to keep moving forward, never giving up even when faced with what seemed like insurmountable problems and building a friendship that has become the foundation of 'Forest Innovations'.

Videos of the Thermomotor in motion is available here