Okedoyin 'Luli' Oluwatosin is a Lagos based, Nigerian contemporary painter. His works are primarily portrayed in an abstract representation of human forms and colours and his choice of medium is Acrylic on canvas.

His paintings are usually imaginative, and are mostly surrealist. Dreams and trances play an important part of the creative process of his works. This influence can be clearly seen in his vivid use of colours and abstract representation of the human form.

Looking for a place of peace and contentment, he searches for self expression through the materials he works with. Reflecting on this, he mix materials to tell many stories to you, the viewer, drawing you into a sublime, colourful dimension.

His paintings are a visual metaphor for the complexity of the subject matter he engages with. 

He uses his paintings to document peculiar stories in which the viewer can resonate and reconnect to memories of their past.

Through his paintings he brings together the relationship between traditional African art and the contemporary, by mixing his paintings with the Yoruba traditional Damask and Gele.

He is constantly undergoing his trainings to expand his skill set across the various mediums and styles present in painting. Despite the fact he can use various media, his favourite medium is acrylic.

His paintings are striking, especially in his usage of his distorted stokes and lines. They draw you in and leave you with a smile.

See more of Luli's latest exhibition 'The Time of Women' here

2021 Group Exhibition. “Corals" Reading museum UK. 31st July 2021

2021 Group Exhibition. Thekokopelli Gallery Lagos Nigeria, Jazz on canvas.