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Welcome to Pixel Gallery. We are a community of artists from across the globe on a mission to create the world's best sustainable Art gallery by harnessing the power of pixels.

Free your imagination and discover your heART!

The Blind Photographer

“My mission in life is to bring multiple voices and disabilities together, to build the better place we envision. An environment catered for everyone, while eradicating the stigma and fears of disabilities.” Ian Treherne (The Blind Photographer)

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The Power of Pixels

Pixel Gallery is a globally focused sustainable art marketplace. We partner with talented emerging and established artists, designers, and artisans to create, exhibit and sell artwork with sustainability at its heart .

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We only work with ethically sourced materials, from bamboo and vegan paper for our fine art prints right through to organic cotton for our limited edition artist designed apparel.

We create beautiful items built for a lifetime of joy.

Pixel Gallery provides artists committed to creating innovative and sustainable artwork with a premium online platform to share their creativity unfiltered and connect with their audience.

If you are in the market to decorate your home with a unique handmade piece or discover artists whose works will fill you with wonder... You’re in the right place!  

Welcome to Pixel Gallery!



Great art is too valuable to be enjoyed by only the uber wealthy - We provide the best quality limited-edition art prints and contemporary artwork in the world at a price you can afford

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls." - Pablo Picasso


    Pixel Gallery is committed to forging a new, more sustainable path in the role Art plays in shaping our lives. Every choice we make is focused on doing all we can to protect the future of the environment and our communities as we enter the new climate economy.

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    What would Greta say about your art collection? “How dare you?!” or perhaps something a little more encouraging.

    So many considerations go into curating a beautiful art collection; Where to find pieces you'll love? Does it match the room’s colour scheme? Is it a good investment?

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  • Imagine Nikola Tesla as your Interior Designer

    "...Over the past six years they have developed the concept of the ‘Thermomotor’ to produce unique, handmade pieces that combine a beautiful, mesmerising experience with a touch of Nikola Tesla magic...."

    Discover Tesla inspired Thermomotors 
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    Pixel Gallery's mission is to create a seamless connection between the art and business worlds to create a flourishing and sustainable economy.

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    Our dedicated team of consultants have a global network of talented emerging and established contemporary artists, in addition to millions of much loved classic artworks, all delivered framed and mounted and ready to hang.

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    Rent artwork for your workspace to inspire your staff and enhance your sustainable brand values.

    By renting artwork from Pixel Gallery's collection, our clients gain access to a wealth of sustainable fine art prints, paintings, digital artwork and much much more at a fraction of the sale price.

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Organic Cotton T-Shirts

Stand out in our limited editions 100% organic Tops and T-Shirts designed exclusively for Pixel Gallery by local artists.