Positivity Luxury & Sustainability

Pixel Gallery is committed to forging a new, more sustainable path in the role Art plays in shaping our lives. Every choice we make is focused on doing all we can to protect the future of the environment and our communities as we enter the new climate economy.

Our vision is to build sustainable practices into everything we do, from for example the choice of Fine Art paper we use for our limited edition prints to our relationships with our community of artists and the quality of service we provide to our clientele.

Our commitments to a sustainable future:

  • The Power of the Pixel – As the 2020s progress the visual arts will more and more be enjoyed via images on our digital devices. The building blocks of these images are Pixels, in a sense the atoms of the image you see. In another sense pixels are like the individual choices we make every single second that taken together form the stories of our lives. This technology offers the art world a wealth of opportunities, from the quality of our artwork and a committed focus on a 100% sustainable creative process, through to the stories we share.
  • Our relationship with our customers - The choice of the artwork you choose to bring into your home or premises is an important because it forms part of your everyday. Our customers trust us to uphold the highest standards in terms of quality and service. Our philosophy in this respect can be summed up in 3 words ‘The Golden Rule’ meaning in every decision we make we treat our customers, partners and the wider community in exactly the same way we would wish to be treated.
  • Get our carbon footprint as close to zero as possible – We are constantly exploring new ways in which creative use of technology can deduce our freight, business travel and environmental impact. From making our work available on various digital platforms, to working exclusively with suitable materials and partnering with local courier companies.

Our Founder and senior team personally oversee the implementation of the gallery’s measures to achieve uphold these commitments and actively promote a sustainable mindset in our daily operations and practices.

If you would like to find more about our plans to build the world's premier sustainable art gallery, get in touch here