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Create a Bold Look with Large Abstract Art Behind Your Couch

Adding a large piece of abstract art behind your couch is a great way to create a focal point in your living room and showcase your design style. The often-overlooked space behind a couch provides the perfect place to hang impactful, bold art that makes a statement. With the right scale and placement, abstract art can transform an empty wall into the highlight of your room.

A large red abstract painting made by AI art in a modern minimalist stylish room

Choosing the Right Abstract Piece

When selecting an abstract piece for behind your couch, you'll want to consider the size of your couch and overall room. The art should be proportional, ranging from 2/3 to 3/4 the width of your couch. Oversized art can feel overwhelming in a small space, while undersized pieces may get lost.

There are many styles of abstract art to choose from:

  • Modern abstract - Bold, graphic shapes and vibrant colors in acrylic or oil make a contemporary statement.
  • Abstract impressionism - Softer abstract landscapes and fluid strokes create a dreamy, emotive feel.
  • Geometric abstract - Crisp lines, shapes and patterns for a hint of mid-century style.
  • Abstract photography - Interesting crops, patterns and textures give photography an abstract spin.
Large black and white abstract painting

Hanging the Artwork

Proper placement of your large abstract art is key. Centering the art directly behind the couch puts it on full display. Hang the piece so it complements the height and shape of your couch. If your wall space is tall, you can opt to float the art above the couch rather than having it touch the back cushion.

Consider lighting that illuminates the art, like:

  • Track lighting
  • Picture lights
  • Wall sconces

Framing is another important factor. Thick, ornate frames can distract from the art itself, so opt for simple, minimal frames or mounting the piece without a frame. Floating the canvas off the wall can also make it appear frameless.

Statement-Making Abstract Finds

Here are some eye-catching, large-scale abstract pieces perfect for behind a couch:

Make a Statement

Hanging a large abstract print behind your couch is an impactful way to add interest to your living room. The ample wall space allows you to go bold and make a design statement. With the right scale, placement, framing and style, abstract art can become the focal point of your room and reflect your personal taste. Browse a wide selection of eye-catching abstract pieces to find the perfect fit for your space.

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AI Abstract Art in a living room


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