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Enhance Your Online Presence as an Artist

Navigating the AI Art Landscape with Free AI Tools

In the digital age, a non negotiable for an artist is leveraging technology to enhance their online presence. As the old saying goes "There's no point having the best product on the market if no one knows it exists".

One of the great advantages of the technology available to us today is the effective use of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and digital tools can significantly impact an artist's visibility and success.

This guide, inspired by practices from Pixel Gallery, provides insights into how free AI tools can replicate functionalities of premium SEO services like Ahrefs, which while great tools, may be unaffordable for many artists, and in doing so help them optimize their online portfolios.

Google Search Console: Ensuring Visibility in the Digital Realm

Challenge: Low Online Visibility ("People can't buy what they can't see")

Many artists struggle to get their work seen in a crowded digital marketplace. Visibility on search engines is crucial for attracting potential buyers and followers.

Solution: Monitoring and Improving your website's SEO health

Google Search Console helps artists monitor their website's performance on Google, identifying and fixing issues that affect search rankings.

Case Study: Emma's Art Blog

Emma, an AI artist, noticed her website traffic was dwindling. After using Google Search Console, she discovered several crawl errors and broken links. By addressing these issues, her site's visibility improved, leading to increased traffic and sales.

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Ubersuggest: Connecting with the Right Audience ("There is an audience out there that loves your artwork, you just need to show it to them")

Challenge: Targeting Relevant Audiences

Artists often struggle to reach people genuinely interested in their AI art, which affects their website's traffic quality and engagement levels.

Solution: Effective Keyword Research

Ubersuggest aids in finding keywords that AI art enthusiasts frequently search for, helping artists tailor their content to meet audience interests.

Case Study: Leo's Interactive Gallery

Leo used Ubersuggest to find trending AI art-related keywords and optimized his online gallery and blog posts with these terms. This led to a significant increase in targeted traffic and engagement on his site.

SimilarWeb: Staying Ahead of the Curve ("If you're standing still, you're moving backwards")

Challenge: Understanding the Competitive Landscape

In the AI art market, staying informed about competitors’ strategies and audience preferences is challenging yet essential for differentiation and growth.

Solution: Gaining Competitive Insights

SimilarWeb offers insights into competitors' web traffic and performance, helping artists refine their strategies based on market trends.

Case Study: Ava's Virtual Exhibit

Ava used SimilarWeb to analyze top-performing AI art websites and discovered that virtual exhibits were trending. She then hosted her virtual exhibit, which attracted considerable attention and press coverage.

Moz Link Explorer: Establishing Credibility and Authority ("How to reassure new customers you'll deliver what you say you will")

Challenge: Building a Reputable Online Presence

New artists often find it challenging to establish credibility and authority in the AI art community.

Solution: Strategic Backlink Analysis

Moz Link Explorer helps artists understand and improve their backlink profile, crucial for establishing online authority.

Case Study: Jacob's Collaborative Project

Jacob used Moz Link Explorer to identify influential art blogs and approached them for collaboration. This resulted in high-quality backlinks to his portfolio, enhancing his reputation in the AI art world.

BuzzSumo: Creating Impactful Content ("Create art from your heart that speaks to the audience's heart")

Challenge: Developing Engaging and Relevant Content

Artists need to create content that not only showcases their work but also engages and retains their audience.

Solution: Content Strategy Development

BuzzSumo assists artists in identifying trending topics and popular content types within the AI art community.

Case Study: Mia's Blog Series

Mia used BuzzSumo to discover popular topics in AI art. She created a blog series on these topics, leading to increased shares, comments, and a dedicated following.

SERP Robot: Tracking Progress and Adapting Strategies ("The best way to improve is being clear on what and how you need to improve")

Challenge: Measuring SEO Success

Many artists find it difficult to track the effectiveness of their SEO strategies and understand their search engine ranking position.

Solution: Regular SERP Monitoring

SERP Robot allows artists to monitor their website's ranking for specific keywords, informing them of their SEO strategy's effectiveness.

Case Study: Alex's Keyword Optimization

Alex, an AI artist, used SERP Robot to track his website's ranking for targeted keywords. By adjusting his SEO tactics based on these insights, he saw a significant improvement in his site's SERP ranking.

SEOquake: Benchmarking and Improving Website Performance ("Your website is your art's online storyteller, make sure it has a great story to tell.")

Challenge: Standing Out Amongst Competitors

For AI artists, differentiating their website in a competitive field can be challenging.

Solution: Comprehensive SEO Analysis

SEOquake provides a quick SEO overview of competitors, offering insights for improvement and differentiation.

Case Study: Nina’s Portfolio Redesign

Nina used SEOquake to compare her website with competitors and realized her site was lacking in mobile optimization. After redesigning for mobile responsiveness, she observed an increase in mobile traffic and engagement.


By understanding and strategically using these free AI tools, artists specializing in AI art or any creative field can overcome common digital challenges.

These tools offer solutions that enhance online presence, attract the right audience, and establish credibility in the competitive AI art market.

If you’re an artist and would like more information or guidance on any of the above, feel free to reach out to us at hello@pixel-gallery.co.uk and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

And if you would like more tips and exclusive content on how to take full advantage of AI tools, both creatively and commercially to find and share your work, subscribe to our newsletter.

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