Gabriel Rivera

Gabriel Rivera standing next to his winning sculpture - Pixel Gallery

I am a UK based Sculptor, born in Argentina but raised and educated in Mexico.

In the year of 1992 I graduated from the art institute of Guadalajara Mexico (Instituto Cultural Cabañas) as a qualified sculptor. After completing my studies I began creating my own work and also collaborating on a number of collective exhibitions and joint projects with other local artists.

After this first stage of my artistic life, for work reasons art was "parked" and it would be years later when I moved to UK in 2006 when I felt inspired to restart my artistic career.

My sculptures are inspired by the organic forms of nature, by objects, by lights, and by human shadows that surround me in my daily path of life.

What attracts the most is the free and sensual curve. The curve that I find in the mountains, in the rivers, in the ocean waves, in the invisible wind, in the body of the woman and in the spirals of the universe. 

Through circular, wavy, simple, elegant, and dynamic curved lines I aim for the viewer to travel, to dream and to set their emotions free.

In essence, through my works I try to explain with curved and circular lines, that everything in this world is cyclic, that everything material begins and has an end.

Through masses, cavities, holes, and tunnels I represent the paths of being and the divine soul towards its eternal abode.

Through my work I intend to create an special dialogue between my sculptures and the spectator that allows to arouse intimate emotions and deep internal sensations when contemplating it.

The method I use to create my works is to add layers of material until  the desire shape is achieved. 

I combine and manipulate wire, cardboard, cement, mineral paste and epoxy plaster in order to create my original sculptures.

In the year 2019 It was an honour to receive the wining award of the Tim Dabson 3D prize at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists (RBSA) for my Sculpture "Dreaming of you"

Thank you, my full exhibition is available to view here