Pixel Gallery is a collective of artists, photographers and designers from across the globe with a mission to combine the very best of creativity with a sustainable and equitable ethos.

Collectively we are on the cusp of a new digital revolution and our mission (which we have happily accepted) is to gratefully accept the new opportunities open to us today and share the beauty and joy of Art through the creative use of pixels.

With this in mind, we work with talented creatives to produce unique pieces coupled with a large slice of optimism, conscious thought and fun.

We passionately believe our lives are the sum total of every single choice we make and as such by being mindful we make the best choices and are the most fulfilled.

We believe in a sustainable and conscious approach to design and development and our full range is produced using only ethically sourced, sustainable materials of the highest quality.

Ultimately, we feel passionately that the things we choose to bring into our lives should enrich every single day with beauty, optimism and joy...Otherwise why choose it?

Find out more via our journal and you can always get in touch via our email: hello@pixel-gallery.co.uk  

Have a lovely day!