All around him is where The Calabash finds his inspiration to capture images. A ray of sunlight flooding into the room through semi open window blinds, the odd object in the distance slowly fading away into the sunset, the captivating light of a golden break of dawn or the sublime orange of a summer evening sunset or even bright colours and distinct expressions on the faces of men, women and children going about their activities at a busy market somewhere in Nigeria.

He notices the sadness; the loneliness, the anticipation and the intent in a gesture, a face, even in a mere object that seems to have been randomly but perfectly placed to somehow give it a very specific meaning. The artist specifically tried to capture the images that most people would probably not even notice.

In his art, he is very passionate about capturing the beauty in mundane places and objects. Different mediums allow him to capture and express different ideas.

Born In Nigeria in 1982, the Artist journey has seen him grow up in various cities including Lagos, Abuja, Rome, London, Stockholm and Berlin. This diversity of being brought up in different cultures and experiences is very evident in the Artists work. Although he is not a trained photographer, what started out as a hobby is fast becoming a craft in which the artist finds a lot of solace, hope and inspiration and thereby tries to convey the same to his audience.

You can view my exhibition here