Art Consultancy

Pixel Gallery's mission is to create a seamless connection between the art and business worlds to create a flourishing and sustainable economy.

Our global network connects a multinational business client base with artists from across the world.

We are at the forefront of creating a sustainable arts economy and support the artists we partner with in making their artwork available for lease and purchase to commercial spaces including offices, hospitality, healthcare, co-working spaces and residential developments.

Our art programme has a positive impact on employee mental well-being and productivity, ESG objectives and an organisation's wider strategic objectives.

Our clients have access to some of the best emerging and established contemporary artists from across the globe in addition to expertly reproduced masterpieces.

Finding the right consultancy for your project is paramount and we will work with you to understand your vision for space in creating a curated collection that aligns with your sustainable values.

Email to discuss your project and find out how we can help.