I am a Ukrainian-born photographer currently living in La Côte region in Switzerland. After I left my native Kiev, I lived in France, Switzerland, Great Britain, Japan, the Philippines, Spain and Hong Kong.

I have degrees in Economics and Marketing that helped me to have a successful international marketing career for 15 years which I happily changed for photography in 2014.

Being nearly totally self-taught I rely a lot on my advertising and marketing experience when constructing an image.

Julia Wimmerlin Portrait

My specialty is... diversity! I love photography as a whole and will always bring something personal whether it's a portrait or a travel shot.  My strength is my creative approach combined with true emotions. I have a varied portfolio of editorial, corporate and private clients. 

I love photography and I love sharing my love for it with others that's why I teach photography at Swiss Photo Club. I'm  a 500px Ambassador, world's largest online photo community. I'm also a contributor to National Geographic Your Shot - National Geographic's photography community.

My travel, animal, fashion and creative photographs have been published in various publications including National Geographic, National Geographic Travel, Digital Photo, Practical Photography, Digital PhotographerGEO etc. as well as photo sections of The Telegraph, The Times, The Guardian, Le Figaro amongst others. I am also regular contributor to the PhotoVogue site of Vogue Italia.

My exhibition is available to view here